Delphine Dora, a pure fascination with sound

Discreet and multi-faceted personality (student, pianist, singer) of the French-Belgian independent scene (Another Record, We Are Unique Records, Greed Recordings), Delphine Dora has two dear friends in Valérie Leclercq (Half Asleep) and Jullian Angel. Of course of the journey in a fairy world, covered with childish images where Oui Oui would recite his Erik Satie […]

6th edition of the Octopus Festival

From February 18 to 28, 2009, the 6th edition of the Octopus Festival will be held… which had believed when the theme of inventors of instruments was launched that it continues on – already! – five editions. And yet, with five proposals, most of which have never been seen in France, in the form of sound installations […]

The temptation of the instrumentalist

Because, and this is one of the great specificities of Michael Carter, the direct meaning of his musical confrontations is largely guided by his live and risky approach to the stage situation. The fellow has nicely impressed the local microcosm during his performances in flesh and blood where he does not hesitate to approach the boards […]

Inventive musician, researcher, almost philosopher, Jean-François Laporte

“Music, I don’t invent it. It exists naturally ”. Listening to Jean-François Laporte, we quickly guess that his status as an electro-acoustic composer is not an end in itself. Inventive musician, researcher, almost philosopher, Jean-François Laporte has developed a personal musical experience which tends to nourish his life experience. It is in the search for a certain authenticity […]

Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory. Amon Tobin

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a dark and cruel game in which American and Japanese statesmen ally themselves, in order to counter a Sino-Korean coalition whose cyber hackers would be able to jeopardize the world economy. You meet heroic spies, dubious politicians and unscrupulous mercenaries, the goal of the game being to eradicate enemies by all […]

Post-punk and also the trees. Simon Huw Jones

The sequel is precisely a series of albums produced first for an English label, Reflex, then German, Normal. It opens with the cornerstone of the group, Virus Meadow (1986) – a very short album, as if the group were still reluctant to deliver their music to the world – which will follow with regularity The Millpond […]

Elysian Fields, Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles

In a mid-90s interview for Les Inrockuptibles, Jennifer described herself as very sexual. Sexuality played a very important role in the image and the words, perhaps even more than today. I’m not saying that this dimension has necessarily disappeared from your work – fortunately, no – it is perhaps less explicit there, and perhaps also shifted towards […]

Elysian fields II

No less than four years have passed between your last two albums. I remember that during the tour that you did in the form of a voice, guitar, piano trio, with your partner Thomas Bartlett in 2006, you were already playing “Night Melody of the Pull”, “Climbing my dark hair, “Someone” or “Drown those days”, almost […]

Syrphe, CDRK, Kirdec

You have been developing for a few years a vast and ambitious project: to collect and make known the work of artists of the non-western noise / industrial / ambient scene (Asia / Africa / South America). What convictions drive you in such an enterprise?  I want to fight the fairly widespread claim that the West […]

The Plain Songs of W.W.Lowman

A few eager ears will tell you that Plain Songs could have been released a short decade ago, overexposed years for the sprawling Chicago scene. But we are in 2007, and it is to the credit of W.W. Lowman to record such an album today. Patience seems to be the keyword of this disc prepared over three […]

Christophe Guiraud’s Tellemake

Tellemake is Christophe Guiraud’s solo project. This drummer used to play in several rock and free rock bands such as Spoonful and Dogma. Scarbo, produced by the Toulouse-based label Angström Record, is his second record. After a dark and oppressive Morning EP, Tellemake widens his sound spectrum. He makes acoustic instruments such as cello, accordion […]

Brandon Nickell, MAW

After The Helical Word released in 2005, Brandon Nickell, this young American only 25 years old, based in Oakland, and responsible for the label Isounderscore, offers us five new compositions at the confluence of concrete, experimental and noise music, with an assurance that has become rare. Plunged under some threatening ice cap, sometimes with a […]

Strings of Consciousness + Asva

Strings of Consciousness + Asva (Sunday, January 25 from 8pm in Paris, La Maroquinerie) International collective gathered around some pillars of the experimental and electronic scenes in France, guitarist Hervé Vincenti, saxophonist Perceval Bellone or laptop operator Philippe Petit, mentor of the Bip-Hop label, among others, Strings of Consciousness translates its musical dimension by a […]

ADIEU -> U IDEA, Martin Wheeler

Adieu, Arnaud des Pallières’ first fiction film, was a UFO when it was released in 2004, in the landscape of European cinema. The strong, sometimes disturbing and heavy presence of this unusual film was due to the complicity between a musicophile director and a cinematic musician who had already collaborated on creative documentaries. Martin Wheeler […]

Not If But When, Will Holland aka Lost On Purpose

It’s as heartbreaking as Elliott Smith’s most tragic moments, the track “Guts” on the opening of Not If But When, the fourth album of the enigmatic Will Holland, aka Lost On Purpose. Adept of a mystery cult, the Californian songwriter, who can easily be imagined as a fiercely independent home studio rat, has been active […]

David Thrussell’s dark ambient black lung

David Thrussell continues the militant adventure of his fetish project, the great Black Lung, whose comeback is confirmed by The Grand Chessboard with The Coming Dark Age. The paranoia of Black Lung in the speech leaves little by little the place to more realism, and this album carries the sign of the environmentalist engagement of […]

Yuichiro Fujimoto, japanese folktronica

Third album of the young Japanese Yuichiro Fujimoto, The Mountain Record continues to dig the singular furrow traced by his two predecessors Komorebi (2004) and Kinoe (2005), and transports the listener to the limits of music and daily life, in a duration marked by silences and the absence of events. As on his two previous […]

Propagations, Marc Baron, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Bertrand Deznler and Stéphane Rives – a troubled, but balance

When four saxophonists, keen on experimentation, riveted on the open fields of spatiality and vibration of the textures offered by their instruments, meet as often to work on a long term project, the perspectives often prove to be endemic. Since 2003 Marc Baron, Jean-Luc Guionnet (both alto saxophone), Bertrand Deznler (tenor saxophone) and Stéphane Rives […]

Hubert Dupont, a summit of poetry

Dupont is far from being an unknown on the European improvised music scene, a jazz bassist who worked with passion in the 1980s and 1990s. But H. D., also a master of electric bass, then opened up to the Afro-Parisian scene (Caribbean effluvia found here and there in Ultraboles), as well as to the experimentations […]

The frozen spark. Mathias Mootz, m², ex-ASWAD

After the anecdotal Aswad, it’s the big comeback of Mathias Mootz alias m², who is also the craftsman of Panacea. This time, m² decided to invest the catacombs and to surprise those who thought he would continue to assail his saturated beats, hardly polished by his recent oriental tourist escapade. The frozen spark is an […]

Touch. Experimental electronic music from London

Spire, a new thematic series of the Touch label, allows the (re)discovery of contemporary classical and electronic writing for the organ on the occasion of itinerant concerts and varied programs. This recording, the second volume of Spire after a very successful first studio opus, realized at the Cathedral Saint-Michel of Geneva, proposes for the first […]

Inventeurs d’instruments, instrumentistes inventifs

Many are already those who, to capture their inner music, had to make their instrument. So many visionary inventions, often gone unnoticed in their time, but of a major influence on the history of music.Musicians and composers continue to illustrate this original phenomenon today: they develop, build and play these unique instruments. They thus maintain a subtle […]

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